Alteration Services

Alteration ServicesImpeccable tailoring and perfect fit of any apparel makes you stand out and gives you the feeling of confidence – knowing that you look your absolute best.  To receive the exceptional quality and personal attention, “Alterations” is the perfect place to go.

Alteration by Alterations, who specializes in delicate alterations, such as bridal, pageant, and prom. We make sure that the clothes you wear highlight all your best features. Specializing in formal wear, we alter wedding gowns, suits, dresses and jackets, ensuring that everything you put on your body fits to you.

Tailoring clothing to fit you perfectly is the difference between looking like an “off the rack” version or like your clothing was designed just for you.  We are very experienced at  altering shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, jackets, suits and outerwear. Our alterations are of the highest quality. We also work with leather.

With many years of experience in alterations and tailoring, you are sure to get the professional service you deserve. We offer the following alteration services:

* Pants

* Dress and Skirts

* Suit Jacket ( Resizing or Alterations)

* Vest

* Shirt and Blouse

* Wedding Gowns

We are specialists in Bridal Alterations as well as offering alteration services for remodeling, shortenings, new zips and relining for General Alterations including original hem a professional alteration service for denim.

We do excellent work with the simple shortening of length or extensive adjustments involving the body, waist, shoulders, sleeves, fixing of hemlines and button holes.  There’s little that we cannot do.

Our advantages are:

* Remodeling/restyling

* Urgent 30 minute turnaround for small jobs

* Take in/let out

* Sleeve adjustments, seam changes, and changing hems for skirts, pants and shorts

* Shortening, lengthening

We guarantee care and attention to the alteration of any garment. All Alteration Services can re-style or re-size formals and bridesmaid dresses.

Our tailors will take all of the necessary measurements to make certain that your altered clothing will fit you perfectly and look exactly the way you want them to look. 

Working with a variety of customers, we’ve altered dresses to accommodate pregnancy, changed zippers into tie backs and complete reconstructed gowns. To see how we can improve your favorite piece, give us a call today at (561) 123-1234