PantsAlterations” is your source for professional alterations to your clothing. We hem pants while you wait. We specialize in jean alterations and have three ways to shorten depending on your preferences.

We have performed countless numbers of alterations on men’s trousers and pants – from expensive tailored suits to work pants.  Invisible mending is a specialty of ours.

Our talented seamstresses are quite capable of recommending design alterations, recommendations for recovering damaged clothing and many other options.

Pants Alterations include:

  • Sides/Waist (in/out)
  • Jeans/Crotch
  • Hem (Shorten/Lengthen)
  • Re-cut/Remove Pleats
  • Taper legs/Shape Seat
  • Replace Zipper

For perfectly fitted trousers – either increasing or decreasing the waist size – our tailors will assess the fit and make the appropriate adjustments. They may also taper the legs by removing excess fabric

Pant legs are hemmed by hand to make certain that the hem stitching is not visible on the outside of the leg.  Any fabric that is removed may be saved or used in repairs or replacement of things like belt loops.

Our professionals will guide you through the process of any fix you need to make sure you look and feel as good as possible. Sometimes it feels like there just aren’t enough hours in a day, so let us come to you. We offer in-house personal fittings at your home or office, when you want some privacy or just don’t have the time to come to us.

Our skilled tailors will make certain that your pants fit your particular lifestyle and physical shape.  They are trained to pay close attention to all important details.  We offer comprable pricing and excellent service.

Because of our exceptional skills, any alterations we make to your clothing will be undetectable.

We do our utmost to exactly match stitching, thread colors and other unique details.  From a simple hem to major modifications, the professional alteration tailors will work with exacting care until you are completely satisfied.

Contact us for more information at (561) 123-1234