Performance Appraisal

8_Performance AppraisalGrowth of an organization is measured by its continuous performance improvement which requires financial planning and a robust governance model.

Performance Management initiative is an appraisal process that will be used to evaluate employees.

With limited resources and ambitious goals, many organizations are looking to achieve greater discretionary performance from their workforces while lowering costs and turnover. Appraisers partners with clients to provide an industry-leading performance appraisal solution that can be tailored to meet your organization’s goals.

In our role as supervisor, we establish expectations, gather data and regularly deliver feedback to your employees to ensure that they are utilizing their skills, expertise and ideas in ways that produce results. One of the most important opportunities for doing so is during performance appraisals.

The “Performance Appraisal” is used to evaluate the contribution each employee makes to their company, during a specified time period.

This system creates an opportunity for an unbiased discussion with the employee and the supervisor about the individual’s contribution. These appraisals are an annual requirement.

Both the Employees and Supervisors are encouraged to evaluate the past year – the things that proceeded as planned and the issues that need improvement; discussion about goals that were reached and ones that need to be brought forward to the next year.

This process is an excellent tool for conveying, clarifying and reinforcing the County’s vision and mission. The process provides the opportunity for supervisors to make certain that the employee comprehends how critical their contribution is to the organization — and to their department’s mission.

A performance evaluation is an important responsibility for a supervisor to complete . It is the Supervisor’s responsibility to make certain that our clients receive the best possible services from our employees. The evaluation will demonstrate an accurate picture of the value and productivity of the employee..

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