Breweries And Games

breweries-and-gamesWho doesn’t love games?

Bar” offers a wide array of games along with an impressive selection of craft beers and wine.

We are more than the local micro brewery. We are the best local hangout where friends, old and new, gather to share a beer or two and throw a few games of darts.

We are well known throughout our community for our board game events, designed to bring all of the locals together for an evening of sport and merriment.

* Arcades and Pinball’s

* Darts

* Foosball and many more

Every day we constantly strive to challenge people’s perceptions about beer, and to evolve and push the boundaries of brewing, our equipment, and ourselves.

We also offer other services like:

* Catering

* Food & Soft drinks

* Cocktails

* Wine

* Beer

* Happy Hours

* Specials

Our brewery has been supported by our local fans. This has spurred us on to create the most amazing brews possible.

Join us for a day celebration of the best that the “Bar” has to offer: live music, local brews and fun and games on the trails, around the town.

Contact us for more information at (561) 123-1234.