cocktailsBar” is well versed in crafting beautifully balanced classic cocktails as well as having an ever evolving short list of bespoke in house creations.

Our mixologists combine the highest quality spirits and fabulous juices and mixes to deliver cocktails to suit your current frame of mind, specific occasion or event. Relax and enjoy yourselves.

First and foremost, our servers are professional. They are adept at delivering drinks to guests and clearing tables, too. We are sure to impress your guests.

Summer is a time for experiencing life at its fullest, and our cocktail menu is built from the ground up to provide the perfect feel-good canvas for your sunny memories to unfold.

We have other services like:

* Catering

* Food & Soft drinks

* Wine

* Beer

* Happy Hours

* Breweries and Games

* Specials

Our mixologists create classic, modern and colorful cocktails carefully and consistently.We are proud of our ability to make you and your guests feel welcomed, comfortable and well taken care of. From timeless classics to ice-cold blended drinks, from Martinis and Mules to Mojitos and Mocktails, we’ve got the cocktail that’s guaranteed to put the sunshine into your summer.

If you’re not up for a tipple doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a treat. Sample our luscious non-alcoholic range of cocktails all the flavor of their full strength counterparts.

Your guests will enjoy classic cocktails and beverages, complete with comestibles. Our mixologists will entertain your guests and serve them with vintage drinks or present day aperitif. Contact us for more information at (561) 123-1234.