Food & Soft Drinks

food-softdrinksBar” is in a unique position to offer assistance in revamping and revitalizing stale and pre-existing food and beverage programs.

We have a very fluid, ever growing expertise in the hospitality industry and combine that with our deep comprehension of current trends.

Our program integrates an array of services ranging from culinary and managerial training, business and financial analytics, flavor profiling, marketing, and branding.

Food Catering

* Appetizers

* Salads

* Entrees

* Desserts

We prepare all food, fresh, for every event. To the best of our ability, as much of the ingredients as possible are from local sources. You will find vegetarian, vegan and gluten free fair on our menus.

We also offer a wonderful array of non alcoholic beverages, which includes a variety of soft drinks and juices:

* Pineapple, orange, apple of cranberry juice

* Lemonades & Limeades

* Mango & Blue Berry

* Coconut water

* Red Bull

* Coke

We have a standard menu as well as a variety of specials for different days or times – to incorporate various fruits and vegetables in season. Variety is the spice of life.

Whether you’re looking for a drink to accompany your meal, or to simply relax with in a beer garden, we have something for everyone. Contact us for more information at (561) 123-1234.