Bar” is your premier wine bar, serving an array of delicious wine, beer, cheese, snacks and fun.

You need not be a wine aficionado to relax with us and enjoy a glass with old friends or new.

Different types of wines we offer are:

* Red Wines

* White Wines

* Fortified Wines

* Organic, Bio-dynamic and Vegan

* Champagne, Sparkling and Rose Wine

Our comprehensive wine list showcases the very best of what the region has to offer. Comprising up to 80% local with the balance being interesting national and international wines.

We offer a luscious and extravagant menu to our guests. We know that you will delight in the food.

Other services we have are:

* Catering

* Food & Soft drinks

* Cocktails

* Beer

* Happy Hours

* Breweries and Games

* Specials

Many of the wines we stock are only available directly through us and we offer a great discount on takeaway sales, so you just may find a gem you didn’t know about. We try to maintain the bar as our customers like it which basically means no change.

Our wine list is not to be rivaled. We keep it filled with intriguing and delicious wines, all reasonably priced. We server our Sherries and ports directly from the barrels. All food is fresh daily, properly proportioned and range from homemade pies to delicious cheese plates.

Contact us for more information at (561) 123-1234.