ChemotherapyWhat is chemotherapy?

Cancer is the rapid division of cells in the body. Chemotherapy involves the use of drugs that have been created to halt or slow down the growth of these cells.

At Cancer center, the oncologists who work with us are skilled with delivery of specialized and individualized chemotherapy and handling the outcome. The first line treatment:

* Before another treatment to shrink a tumor

* As a primary treatment to destroy cancer cells

* To relieve symptoms of advanced cancer

* After another treatment to destroy any remaining cancer cells

We strive to find the right chemotherapy drug, or combination of drugs, for each person. We may use tests, such as tumor molecular profiling, to identify an appropriate drug combination for your disease and help you avoid unnecessary toxicity.

Depending on your type of cancer and how advanced it is, chemotherapy can:

  • Cure cancer
  • Control cancer
  • Ease cancer symptoms

If chemotherapy is part of your treatment plan, your medical oncologist will coordinate your dosage and schedule. You may receive chemotherapy alone, or in combination with other treatment modalities like targeted therapies, surgery and/or radiation therapy.

Our medical oncologists work closely with your surgeon to determine whether adding chemotherapy to your treatment plan either before or after surgery could give you a better outcome.

There are a number of chemotherapy options. Your doctor may recommend that you are treated in their office, or outpatient clinic, in your home or the hospital

Sometimes, chemotherapy treatment is for a specified number of cycles delivered during a regulated time period and other times, the drugs are administered as long as they continue to produce results.

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