Medical Oncology

Medical OncologyCancer centers, medical oncologists are at the leading edge of cancer treatment with chemotherapeutic drugs, biological agents and therapies that work with the patient’s immune system.

The Medical Oncologists on our staff treat patients who have a wide variety cancers and blood disorders. They and a number of specialists from other disciplines work to diagnose, evaluate and treat all malignant disorders.

The best treatment for patients with cancer is a plan that is tailored to their specific needs and conditions. Often, chemotherapy is the first process that is followed by other procedures like surgery.

The team of oncologists may include a recommendation for a neoadjuvant strategy, in which therapy is given before a primary treatment.

Services offered include:

* Infusion therapy

* Phlebotomies

* Chemotherapy

* Blood transfusions

* Antibiotic administration and several other non emergent cancer related services The oncologists and haematologists on our staff are at the head of the team for cancer treatment. They work jointly with other physician cancer specialists, including surgical oncologists, gynaecological oncologists, and radiation oncologists

The nurses in oncology are specially trained to administer the chemotherapy drugs. All of your physicians and other support staff are committed to delivering the latest technological advances in medicine as well as caring for your families with care and empathy.

The service is managed using a comprehensive framework of coordinated care, providing treatment plans for all types of solid tumors including:

  • Breast/Gynaecological
  • Renal/Colorectal
  • Lung/Prostate
  • Gastrointestinal cancer

Our medical oncologists, gyneacologic oncologists and colorectal surgeons all work together for the performance of HIPEC or Hyperthermic intraoperative peritoneal chemotherapy, an advanced treatment for colorectal, gastric, ovarian and other cancers.

Our medical oncology team is supported by a wide variety of support services to ensure patients and their families receive compassionate support and high quality care during all stage of their caner journey

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