Probation Valuations

image-2_Probation ValuationsHave you been charged with violating your probation?

A Violation of Probation (VOP) charge is very serious and needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible by the best possible attorney.

Once someone is released from prison, they are monitored to ensure that they are no longer engaging in unlawful activities. The period one is under probation varies in length, while the rules governing it are strictly enforced.

The person in charge of monitoring your probation is your probation officer. If you are believed to be in VOP, they are usually the one who will charge you with such.

Common violations include failing to meet with your probation officer at an appointed time, not paying fines that are related to your probation, or committing another crime.

Probation violation is serious business and that’s why, if you are accused of VOP, it is important to contact our probation violation attorneys, as we are experienced in defending those who have been accused of this crime.

Several people charged with offenses are sentenced to probation as an alternative to going to prison. While an accusation of a probation violation might lead to revocation of your probation as well as more time behind bars, a probation violation doesn’t automatically result in a jail or prison term.

Examples of possible probation violations include:

  •  Not reporting for a scheduled visit to your probation officer
  • Not attending court
  • Failing a drug test
  • Failing to pay a fine or restitution
  • An arrest for another criminal charge

With an aggressive probation violation lawyer working to build a solid defense, your chances of receiving a positive outcome are greatly increased.

You might be eligible for legal representation from a probation violation lawyer throughout your probation violation process. As your probation hearing may be in front of a judge, not a court, the judge may choose whether to restore your probation, change your probation, or revoke your probation.

In case your probation is terminated, the judge is entitled to inflict the utmost punishment for the legal charges that you had been put on probation.

As you happen to be facing more severe punishment, it’s imperative to truly have a highly proficient probation violation attorney in your corner to secure your privileges throughout your probation violation hearing. Contact us at (561) 123-1234.