About Us

8_About usOur Center is completely manned by full time specialists and our part time assistance personnel. Under the oversight of our personnel, these carefully chosen pupils perform closely together with the instructors in the classroom and attend weekly coaching.

Our main purpose will be to give a comfortable, supportive and innovative setting. Each chamber is “family-grouped”, empowering kids to connect to others of different ages. Because kids at this phase of growth “learn by doing,” you’ll find a lot of hands on tasks that should develop a kid’s self reliance.

We’ve got a competent and experienced team of management staff and area coordinators who offer teacher, parent and regulating assistance on a continuing foundation.

Our employees nurture a positive, non prejudiced, non violent and low authoritarian, multicultural surroundings. Kids are supported to state their emotions and demands vocally and also to honor those of the others.

In addition, we assist kids in developing positive self images. Each kid is deemed a person, as is each parent. We’re a source of psychological support and an academic source for the issues of parenting. Parents should participate in parental activities.

Our Services:

* In Home Care, a service that enables care in the convenience of their own home.

* Convenient and local Family Day Care for 0-12 year old children taken care by trained and approved educators in the educator’s own home.

* Flexible care hours include business hours, overnight, weekend, 24 hour, before/after school and vacation care.

We are registered and safe.

For more information and/or an appointment, please contact us at (561) 123-1234