81_K12At Day Care we are all about potential. The truth is, we encompass pupils in our Lower, Middle and Upper schools having a team of dedicated educators, counselors, and academic instructors to make sure they achieve their true potential. Parents and “Learning Coaches” are also surrounded with wide ranging assistance so that they never feel alone.

We are dedicated to the individual. With each pupil, we create an Individualized Learning Plan, a multiple year customized learning method. Our staff tracks that strategy to ensure your pupil reaches their aims.

Along the way, we should help rekindle the natural happiness for learning that pupils have–whether during participation in the award winning program and its own hundreds of classes or the school’s community.

We are so gratified by that which we learn from pupils and parents in regard to the distinction that “Day Care” has created within their lifestyles on the manner toward fascinating professions and esteemed universities and colleges around the world.

The advantages are:

  • Extensive, individualized academic and counseling support keep students on track
  • Students earn a U.S. high school diploma while using the award winning K¹² curriculum
  • Students socialize with others around the world through online clubs, field trips and other activities
  • Full-time and part-time options are available
  • Program flexibility allows students to explore their passions

 Our K12 School was created so students may achieve their fullest potential in a secure, personalized learning environment.

Some of the things we offer:

  • All day kindergarten to give all students a chance to take their best first step forward.
  • Classes from kindergarten to 12th grade (K-12), broken into Academies
  • No tuition allows us to accept a wide variety of students for a high quality education
  • A caring and highly qualified teaching staff dedicated to your child’s academic progress.
  • Small student/teacher ratio helps students get the support and attention they deserve.
  • State of the art technology systems including Science labs, interactive whiteboards and computers in every classroom
  • A safe and secure location convenient to many Dayton suburbs.
  • All students are given a wide variety of career and college experiences
  • Continuous improvement as a part of our Race to the Top initiatives.
  • Advance Placement Courses

 At “Day Care” K-12, we provide customized learning for every single pupil. Large classrooms of children cannot get the one on one and adaptable understanding they have to have in a normal classroom. Parents and teachers who select K-12 realize the real possibility of an individualized instruction.

Our interactive way of studying and tight knit community will create great strength for your son or daughter when they do go to school. Contact us for more information at (561) 123-1234