Body Treatments

8_Body TretmentsWhat Is A Body Treatment?

Body treatments are basically a facial for your entire body and make your skin feel smooth and gentle. The idea behind a spa treatment is that it’s equally as crucial that you cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate your skin on your whole body as it is the skin on your face.

Body treatments have been grouped into one of three series, each method is different and is based on a different style and method.

We start using a comprehensive all over body wash with superfine salts drenched in fragrance healing oil. We will cocoon you in a moisturizing and toning mud to renew important nutrients and feed your fresh “unearthed” skin.

Our slimming, toning, tightening and purifying wrap joins plant infusions, essential oils, caffeine and algae extract. It enables both warm and cold energy agents for fat burning, reducing the look of cellulite, spider veins and stretch marks and drastically decreases “orange peel” skin.

Abandon life and be seduced by a wide range of personal body care provided by our team of relaxation professionals. With treatments available in very intimate rooms with refined decor and natural dim lighting, we offer a variety of small touches to improve your experience with us.

Your state of well being, felt on arrival, will be increased tenfold as you intensely experience the high quality of personal care provided. We use certified natural products, exclusive techniques, a variety of treatments offered and the competent and skillful hands of our professionals.

Enjoy our high end body treatments which can make your epidermis more radiante and soft to the touch. Balanced carefully to both deeply rejuvenate and cleanse your skin, our treatments decrease the dullness and dryness and restore your skin to hydrated silkiness.

In our specially designed dual treatment rooms, you can share time with someone close to you and enjoy these harmonizing treatments together. Contact us at (561) 123-1234

Body treatments care for the skin of the whole body.