Bathroom Designer

7_Bathroom DesignerHaving a bathroom that meets your needs is important. At the same time, why not make it a really pleasant place to be?

Designers and Decorators takes the stress out of planning your bathroom. We add value to your home, and bliss to at least three hours of your week!

Beautiful sanitary ware ranges to choose from, whether you prefer your fittings sleek and modern or classic and traditional; we offer everything in between.

Bathrooms are designed in all shapes and sizes, from the tiniest cloakroom at one end, through to the entire suite, shower room and wet room and out to the full-sized and glorious family bathroom at the other.

A well designed bathroom should feel functional as well as relaxing and with the right touches, feel closer to a Spa than just the place you wash your hair.

Get our expert advice and recommendations on how to decorate your powder room or master bath. When planning changes to your existing bathroom or building a new bathroom, it is useful to see what items you can fit into your room before you begin the work.

Our priority is to create a beautiful bathroom just for you, tailored to your needs. Our team is made up of talented designers who focus on exceptional designs, finest fittings and most innovative products, so that we can provide you with unique bathroom solutions.

We listen to your requirements and always pay attention to detail to deliver a complete personal service designed with only you in mind.

The advantages of “Designers and Decorators” are:  We design bathrooms to have:

                                           1) Plenty of storage

                                           2) Maximum floor space

                                           3) Much easier for cleaning little ones

                                           4) At the same time luxury

Designers and Decorators work to your specific budget and vision, to ensure that making the creation of your own custom bathroom is a truly unique experience.

Good planning, clever design and the right choice of products will ensure that the family bathroom is not only practical and safe, but it ticks the box for good looks, too. Whether you’re designing a brand new bathroom or planning a renovation, the Designers and Decorators will help you to create the ultimate look.

Designers and Decorators” offer you invaluable advice and guidance throughout the whole process. From bathroom planning and design through to the selection, supply and delivery of the highest quality products available.

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