Wills and Trusts

1_Wills-and-TrustsA living will is a legal document through which an individual can state his or her wishes in regard to medical treatments that can prolong life.

Living wills are often referred to as advanced directives or health care directives, and they provide guidance to family members and health care professionals in the event that you are unable to express your wishes during a medical event.

A trust is a legal entity that holds property or assets for the person who created it, known as the grantor. A grantor can establish a trust to hold resources for themselves or for a beneficiary—a person who will benefit from the trust.

At Elder Law Attorney, we are committed to assisting our clients in keeping their family and property well-protected. Our legal team of representatives can accomplish this by assessing your unique situation and creating a will or trust that best caters to your specific needs.

A will, also referred to as a last will and testament, is a set of instructions that isleft behind to your loved ones after you pass away. This legal document keeps your family and property protected and reflects your exact instructions including the following:

  • How you want your assets distributed;
  • The name of an executor to handle your affairs;
  • The name of a trusted guardian to take care of your minor children; and
  • The name of a trusted individual to watch over the property of your minor children.

We can help you create a simple or complex will that does not leave your family unprotected and left with the responsibility of fighting the court for the property they are entitled to.

People create trusts for a number of reasons:

  • To avoid the probate process
  • To lessen estate tax liability
  • To protect certain assets of their estate
  • Other benefits available with certain types of trusts

Elder Law Attorney has practiced for more than a decade.  We have a tremendous amount of experience helping our clients with their will and trust matters, which includes living wills, durable power of attorney and personal residence trusts.

If you have questions or worries that relate to a will or trust, we are here to assist you with anything from setting up living trusts to contesting a complicated will.

We are always ready to give you the best, grounded legal advice, regardless of the complexities of the issues. We have handled estate planning for families with large estates and can help you with numerous issues.

Whether you are involved in a will contest or want to create a sophisticated trust for asset protection, call Elder Law Attorney, at (561) 123-1234.