Stained Glass


Stained Glass artistry repair or restoration is a specialized field that requires highly trained and experienced craftsmen.

Stained glass windows are a beautiful addition to any architecture. That’s a given. However, over time, they do require maintenance and repair. That’s where Glass and Mirror comes in.

Glass and Mirror” is a full service repair and/or Restoration Company, providing service to residential and commercial clients, as well as churches, synagogues and other institutions.

We are specialist designers and makers of stained glass panels and leaded lights. We make and repair stained glass windows and leaded lights to order and commission, using traditional methods and materials.

  • New stained glass panels to match or complement existing glass
  • Work with you and your designs – traditional or contemporary -to produce new stained glass.
  • Prepare and execute designs from you.
  • Come up with design ideas for you
  • Install the finished panels if required – may be fronted with laminated glass
  • Repair and restore old or damaged stained glass panels and leaded lights

 We make a variety of bespoke stained glass and leaded lights in traditional and alternative designs, using traditional methods and materials. Panels of stained glass and leaded lights do not last forever but they can usually be restored to their (almost) original condition.

We repair broken or bowed windows, door panels, sidelights, transoms, hanging panels, protective glazing, Tiffany style shades, bent glass shades and custom bevels. We can also retrofit your existing leaded glass to fit into new windows.

Our skilled artisans work with you from the very beginning, from idea conception to execution. We serve as a one-stop resource for all of your stained glass needs.

Repairs and restoration of stained glass are an important part of what we do as a stained glass service company. Be it a valuable historic window or a window with sentimental value, it is important that the stained glass is saved and kept intact for the enjoyment of future generations.

We take work of this kind very seriously, which we hope gives confidence to our clients. Small repairs of individual glass breaks can sometimes be repaired in-situ. However, this is not perfect. Working the old lead can get damaged.

Our work so far has been to repair broken glass in existing lead light windows, or where the condition of the lead light has deteriorated with time or been damaged to the point where you would need to  rebuild the lead light.

The colors in the glass are created by adding different metal oxides to a glass mixture similar to that used in your regular window panes. Glass panels originally became special to people because the light passing through the glass made it appear to be like precious stones.

The colors in the glass last forever which is why this form of art is so cherished, even passed down to the next family generation. Contact us for any other information at (561) 123-1234