Renters Insurance

45215422 - paper cutout family with house under renters insurance umbrellaWhat is Renter’s Insurance?

Renter’s insurance is a type of insurance that protects the renter, as well as their property.

Just like other forms of insurance, customers will choose their amount of coverage and deductible, and be then required to pay a monthly premium based on these, as well as a few other, factors.

Home Insurance, offers an excellent renter’s or tenant’s insurance policy to cover the replacement of your personal property if they are damaged or stolen, whether you are home or not.

Your policy will cover your belongings in the event of theft or damage, up to the limit and deductibles you set.

Tenant’s insurance will protect you and your family against personal injury as well as damage to another’s property.

Attorney’s fees are also included should you be sued over a covered loss and are subject to the Should you desire, you may also include coverage for medical expenses for any guest who is injured while at your home, no matter who’s fault it was.

There are a variety of limits and options to choose from. Your reimbursement will pay for the replacement of your property, either Actual Cash Value (ACV) or Replacement Cost, depending on how you have set your policy up.

Your renters policy will state exactly what you’re insured against. Things like fire, smoke, vandalism, theft, windstorm, accidental discharge of water, and nine other common loss types.

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