HomeOwners Insurance

2_HomeOwners insuranceLooking for home coverage? Why do you need homeowners insurance?

It’s really all about protecting yourself financially if an unexpected event occurs to your home or possessions. “Homeowners Insurance” protects your investment in the event of a catastrophe. A “Standard Policy” covers the home and the contents,

Homeowners insurance is a package policy. This policy will cover damage to your property. It is also in place to protect you from your liability should someone be injured on your property or you or a family member harm another. Your family pet is included in the liability coverage

Your Homeowner’s Insurance will protect you against any surprise events or damage. It does not cover any maintenance to your property. Your agent will go over your policy with you to make certain that you completely understand precisely what your policy includes and what is not included.

Basic Protection You Need For:

  • Your home
  • Other buildings or structures on your property
  • Your personal belongings – furniture, clothing, appliances, etc.
  • Additional living expenses
  • Your personal legal liability

These are some options that may be added to your policy for greater protection:

  • Home Replacement Guarantee
  • Replacement Cost on Contents
  • Additional Coverage Form

No matter whether you live in a house, apartment, or condominium, you need an insurance policy that will protect your investment and provide you with the means to fix or replace your dwelling and your possessions.

We offer specialized coverage to help protect and restore your valuable assets in the event of a loss. An important factor in protecting your home or property is making sure your assets are insured to value.

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