Land Surveying Services

Landsurveying ServicesAll property development depends on the land it will occur on.

Land Surveyors Specializes in contributing the most professional survey service for both private and public.

Our highly trained licensed and professional surveyors are dedicated to giving you what you need, when you need it at the price you can afford.

Our expertise includes:

*          Mortgage Surveys

*          Final Surveys

*          Right-Of-Way

*          Improvement Surveys

*          Flood Zone Determination

*          Elevation Certificates

*          Boundary Surveys

*          Commercial Surveys

*          Residential Surveys

*          Construction Surveys

*          Subdivision Planning & Platting

*          As-Built Surveys

With regard to land surveys, it’s vital that all of the results be PERFECT – accurate the first time and on time. Our experience assures that you will be “kept in the loop” and continually updated on the progress.

With the implementation of our state of the art software, coupled with the knowledge and experience of our surveyors, we make certain that the results we give are 100% accurate the very first time.

The Services we provide include:

  • Residential Surveying – homes, yards, and landscaping
  • Commercial Surveying – developers, subdivisions and construction stakeouts

Land Surveyors is a leader in our industry because we continually educate ourselves and implement the latest in technology. Added to that is our dedication to exellence in all that we do.

All of our field crews are outfitted with the means to stay in touch with us, no matter where they are which means that we are able to observe the progress of all surveys. This allows us to keep everyone informed if anything arises that needs immediate attention – thereby eliminating any delay in completion.

Our surveyors are equally experienced in surveying miles and miles of gas pipelines or working with city officials following natural disasters.

No matter what your requirements are, our surveyors are equipped with the most technologically advanced equipment and communication network so, they are able to generate the best solution for any project.

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