Line Dispute Surveys

LinedisputeProtecting your investment in your property is accomplished by “Staking your claim” In the event of a boundary line issue, “Land Surveyors” is equipped to assist.

The purpose of a “line dispute survey” is to resolve the land ownership lines. Land Surveyors investigates local, county and state agencies and offices with the intention of locating deeds, plans, maps, wills and any other document that defines the location and the rights related to any parcel of land.

Property Boundary Line Surveying includes:

  • Boundary Line Dispute Surveys
  • Land Disputes and Encroachments
  • Property Line Monumentation and Staking
  • Layout Surveying (Fences, Walls, Structures)
  • Survey – Map, Boundary – Expert
  • Court Compliant Surveys

Our teams employ a whole host of traditional, as well as GPS instruments and constantly audit the apparatus to ensure accurate and reliable reporting. The approach and the type of equipment used is determined by such factors as:

* land area

* tree cover and

* required positional tolerances.

Our team of professional surveyors are well versed in the research, methods, principles and laws that relate to “boundary line dispute surveys”.

When you hire our professionals, you will receive:

*          Review of recorded deeds and plats

*          Research and calculations

*          Field survey to determine boundaries

*          Locate boundaries on the ground as described in your deed

*          Property corners are marked by iron pins

*          We recover your property corners and place wood stakes along the property lines that you have requested be marked

To perform a boundary survey, a complete search of the property is performed to disclose any existing boundary evidence, including metal or wooden stakes or pipes, monuments, walls or fences.

This type of physical property search involves having a comprehensive knowledge of the sorts of evidence, land use and local history. “Record boundaries” are used as a guideline and a practiced surveyor will search until they discover the corner.

Regardless of whether you require “preliminary scope planning”, “boundary dispute resolution”, “topographic design surveys” or “construction layout”, our firm is equipped to assist.

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