Mortgage Survey

MortgageWhether the purpose is for buying or for selling your home, a “mortgage survey” or report is an important document most often needed in order to complete the deal. “Mortgage Surveys” are used to delineate the boundaries of the property and the specific placement of any buildings.

A “Mortgage Survey” is a required document by Title Companies and Lending Institutions. Neither will complete the deal – either providing clear title or lending money – without the documents to prove that the purchaser has clear title and that the property and buildings fulfill zoning and building code requirements.

Land Surveyors” provides quick turnaround on “Mortgage Surveys”. We perform both types of “Mortgage Survey” – “Mortgage Location Surveys” and “Mortgage Inspection Surveys”.

Our team of professionals at Land Surveyors has many years of expertise in surveying land.

The services we provide are:

* Land Surveying Services

* Permit or Construction Survey

* Residential Surveys

* Commercial Project

* Boundary Surveys

* Line Dispute Surveys

When a “mortgage survey” is performed, it involves physically staking the corners of the property, accurately locating buildings, driveways, fencing and any other property improvements, any encroachments on the property and a survey map.

Land Surveyors¬†utilizes state of the art technology to thoroughly analyse any property, no matter the size or type. Our thoroughly trained staff also works to make certain that our service is “top notch” – excellence first time, every time.

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