Permit Or Construction Survey

Permit or Construction Survery“Construction surveying” involves the establishment and position marking and detailed blueprint and grading of intended features, which may include roadways, buildings, utility services, drainage, etc. for future construction.

Land Surveyors provides practical survey marks “Horizontal and Vertical Control” for both public and private construction projects, following the “Technical Standards” to make certain that the permit is accurate, complete and of excellent quality

On average, our field crew managers have anywhere from 10 to 15 years of in-field experience.

The services we are proud to offer are:

* As-Built Survey or Record Survey

* Boundary Survey

* Construction Layout Survey

* Control Survey

* Elevation Certificates per phases

* Quantity Survey

* Specific or Special Purpose Survey

* Topographic Survey.

We’ve built an excellent working relationship with local architects, engineers, contractors and construction companies which allows us to offer speedy turn around times .

Our field crews are well trained and coordinated which determines that your project will be expedited through the process of planning which will make building as easy as possible.

Detailed survey information assists in “planning and platting” for developing and building new subdivisions. The detailed survey info may include “topographic elevation information” as well as locations of “right of ways and easements”, “streams and water bodies” and any structures or buildings already in existence.

The right tools for the right job. We employ “electronic total stations” and “data collectors” as well as “robotic and GPS equipment”. Regardless of the size of your project – from a little commercial site to a larger industrial or retail endeavour, or a high-rise building, our teams are the experts you want and need to ensure your success.

Land Surveyors are completely committed to delivering the best land surveying services of the highest quality Рserving both residential and commercial project requirements.

We are proud of the reputation we have built – a reputation of honesty and accuracy – one of excellence and quality craftsmanship – one of teamwork and employee support and one of integrity in the management of our business.

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