Residential Survey

ResidentialLand Surveyors” is proud to offer our expertise in creating surveys for residential property owners.

The surveys we perform for residential properties are “land boundary surveys” and “property ownership line surveys”. We examine “rights-of-way and easements” inside or in the immediate vicinity of the neighboring property.

Our “Registered Professional Land Surveyors” manage the residential surveys and thoroughly audit and approve them.

Surveys involve precision. Measuring of boundary lines on specific lots of real property. It is also referred to as a “boundary survey”. “Land surveys” are utilized when there is a property dispute or prior to erecting a building on the land; most often, any title company or lending establishment will demand a “land survey” which also depicts the placement of any structure presently on the property.

Our many years of expertise bring to you:

* Land Surveying Services

* Permit or Construction Survey

* Mortgage Survey

* Commercial Project

* Boundary Surveys

* Line Dispute Surveys

Our company is among the the larger “Valuation and Survey” businesses. We boast a large number of professional and licensed surveyors – well versed in all aspects of evaluating and surveying residential properties.

Our reputation for expertise, honesty, precision and satisfaction guarantee is locally renowned.

Most of the time, if weather and waivers are cooperative, we can complete your survey in 3 to 7 days.

We do accommodate emergencies and can complete your survey within 48 hours – both excellent quality and 100% accurate.

The “personal touch” is very important to us.

Please call us TODAY at: (561) 123-1234 to learn more about the most appropriate survey or land valuation process that works best for you.

Rest assured that we have your best interests at heart and are available for consultation.