Critical Illness

A diagnosis of a critical illness can devastate you, personally as well as financially.

Knowing that you are covered by Critical Illness Insurance that will aid you in paying out of pocket expenses will give you the freedom to focus on your health.

What is Critical Illness Insurance?

A policyholder would take out a Critical illness insurance policy and the insurer would pay out a lump sum should the policyholder be diagnosed with any of the critical illnesses that the policy covers.

Typical health insurance will only cover a portion of the expenses that the policyholder may have to deal with, whereas Critical Illness Insurance will help to cover some of the more unexpected costs.

Critical illness insurance from Life Insurance provides a lump-sum benefit to help support you financially, if you are diagnosed with and survive a covered critical illness.

Some of the conditions covered:

* Stroke

* Heart Attack

* Kidney Failure

* Major organ transplant

* Terminal illness

A diagnosis of cancer, heart attack, or stroke interrupts a person’s life physically, emotionally, and economically. A critical illness plan enables you to help fight the costs associated with a life-threatening disease, while providing some peace of mind to the family.

Critical illness insurance can help you:

* Reduce debt and other financial concerns while you cope with your illness

* Replace any reduced or lost income for you and your spouse

* Bring in additional help at home for you and your family

* Consider new medical treatments and medications not covered by private or government health insurance plans

Critical illnesses are usually extremely severe and most frequently, the afflicted person is not able to work.

Critical illness create both financial and emotional strain on the individual and their families so, critical illness insurance policies are intended to help pay the mortgage, participate in experimental treatment or handle unexpected medical expenses.

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