Life Insurance Settlements

What is a Life Insurance Settlement?

When a life insurance policy owner agrees to transfer the ownership of their policy, including all beneficiary rights, to a new owner or investor, this is known as a Life Insurance Settlement.

Life Insurance provides services to senior citizens and people who have a life insurance policy they no longer need, want or can afford.

Over the years, our team has worked with some of the most knowledgeable investors in Life Settlements. We have the sophistication to provide the highest level of support to ensure the optimal performance of your assets.

We provide a complete outsourced servicing solution for life settlement services. Our team of dedicated insurance analysts has unparalleled expertise in life insurance portfolio services.

Life insurance policy sales are separated  into two types of transactions: “viaticals,” and “life settlements.”

* Viatical Settlements – involve insured clients who have: a terminal, catastrophic, chronic or life threatening illness or condition and a life expectancy of shorter than 2 years.

* Life Settlements – policies cover someone who is over age 65 who may or may not be ill and may still have a limited life expectancy – generally shorter than 20 years. Advantages of Life Insurance Settlements by us:

  • Premium payment and optimization information
  • Tracking lives of the insured
  • Policy valuation
  • Obtaining death certificates of insured and collection of death benefits at policy maturity
  • Updating LEs and recalculating projected policy returns
  • Tracking internal policy dynamics over time using our proprietary analytical tools

We will be in continuous contact with buyers and sellers. Before making a Life Insurance Settlement, we will inform all other options regarding the policy to the seller as well as to the buyer.

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