Universal Life Insurance

What is universal life insurance?

Universal life insurance is a form of permanent insurance and it includes a death benefit. It also offers a cash value which grows – tax deferred – until the money is withdrawn.

Life Insurance is very well experienced in suggesting suitable Universal Life Insurance policies to the customers.

Certain people see it as a good alternative to both term life and whole life insurance because the policy life is much longer than a regular term life while it is more affordable than a traditional whole life insurance policy.

Universal Life Insurance also comes as Variable universal life insurance, which combines life insurance protection and an investment opportunity in one product.

It is possible to accumulate a cash value with your policy so that you are not only protecting your family with the death benefit protection, there may also be a valuable investment.

With a Universal life insurance policy, you have some flexibility in the premium payments you make. Not only that, the increase in the cash value of your policy is tax deferred. It’s not necessary to be concerned with taxes on the increase in the value of the policy.

Nothing happens until the cash is taken out. Also, there is a minimum guaranteed rate of interest, so the growth in the cash value will never fall below a specific level. Advantages are:

  • Guaranteed Protection
  • Cash Value Accumulation
  • Death Benefit Guarantee Options

This policy might be very suitable for someone who is over the age of getting term life coverage, but cannot afford at the same time the whole life insurance cost.

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