CoolsculptingWhat’s Coolsculpting?

This is a development, non invasive process that uses cooling technology to clearly remove fat without operation.

Its specialized technology uses controlled cooling system to freeze and remove unwanted fat cells without surgery or down time.

Liposuction introduces the most effective technology for shedding the fat cells in just single sitting, “Coolsculpting procedure”.

Fat cells freeze at higher temperatures than surrounding cells. Our technology empowers us to just target fat cells under your skin, to provide controlled cooling. Unlike with diet or workout where the fat cells are decreased in dimension, using Coolsculpting, the treated fat tissues become crystallized (freezing) will die.

Over time, the body normally processes the fat and removes these dead tissues, leaving a more toned body. Once the treated fat cells are eliminated, they are gone for good.

This is a safe process, cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration that gradually cools unwanted fat cells within the body to stimulate a natural, managed removal of fat. This reduces bumps in treated parts of the body without damaging surrounding tissues.

Individuals can sit or lie comfortably and read, work on their notebook computer or even rest during the process. The process is done in a medical environment, under the supervision of doctors devoted to aesthetic procedures.

On average, each Coolsculpting process leads to a 20% decrease of fat in the treated areas, and individuals can begin to see results in as little as three weeks following therapy, with the most striking effects happening over an interval of two to four months in many individuals.

It’s possible for you to reshape your body. We are going to create a custom made Cool Sculpting treatment solution which addresses your problem areas. Extra sessions might further improve your results. Your personalized treatment strategy will likely be customized to your body, your aims, as well as your financial plan.

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