Non Surgical Liposuction

Non Surgical LiposuctionExperience the benefits of liposuction without the surgery

Non surgical liposuction is a cosmetic process entailing fat elimination from distinct sites on the body, such as stomach, thighs and buttocks, backs of the hands, neck and elsewhere.

A totally non invasive and pain free procedure in comparison to Surgical Liposuction, you can expect top notch treatments.

Liposuction offers many non surgical liposuction processes.

Here is some more information on liposuction and these liposuction alternatives:

* Laser Liposuction

* Thermage

* CoolSculpting

* Liposonix

* Velashape

This procedure has become very popular and is considered to be the number one procedure requested from plastic surgeons today. The procedure can place greater accentuation on the body’s natural contours.

Patients benefit both mentally and physically from liposuction. It is considered to be a safe and effective way to remove excess fat from the body.

Benefits of Non Surgical Liposuction:

* No Pain, No Discomfort

* Flexible sessions

* Visible results within days

* No Hospitalization

* Highly effective

Step into our clinics and you will be heralding a new phase of better appearance and high self esteem in every aspect of your life. A safe and standardized procedure to master non surgical liposuction.

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