Eviction Services

Eviction ServicesBeing an owner of property, you may need to carry out a tenant eviction process at sooner or later.

Paralegal Services is an independent, non attorney eviction firm dedicated in assisting landlords with evictions and providing eviction related services. We offer an array of services to Landlords, Mobile Home Park Owners, Commercial Real Estate Managers and REO managers.

Trying to evict renters on your own may be tough because you must check out the renter foreclosure procedure, which could be time consuming. Looking to evict a tenant by stopping utilities, changing locks or threatening the tenant by any means is prohibited and you will find yourself paying civil damages to the renter.

We could manage your uncontested foreclosure from beginning to end, preventing the cost of having a lawyer to organize and document your situation as well as the delay you might encounter when utilizing the sheriff’s office to serve your evictions.

The eviction process takes from 25 to 45 days depending on the amount of evictions the sheriff has to perform in a determined area. Our process will cut that time in half so you can assume control of your property faster.

Our straightforward and affordable process will allow you to complete your eviction, without going to court or incurring the expense of a lawyer, coping with long delivery intervals or trips to the state office or meeting with all the Local County Sheriff’s Department to get back control of the home for you.

We are able to assist the appropriate Notice within 24 hrs of getting payment. We offer quick, dependable Eviction Services. We are going to promptly facilitate the functioning of your Notice and foreclosure filing together with the court as a non attorney representative for the landlord/home owner. We will help you in the foreclosure procedure so that you can get back your home and peace of mind.

We are not attorneys and the law does not allow us to give legal advice or advise you of your rights. However, for realtors/property managers, we are allowed to draft and file all the necessary paperwork on your behalf to evict your tenants.

We’ve got expertise in effectively managing tenant evictions. Call us at (561) 123-1234