Data Transfer

Data-Transfer-300x164-300x164“Buying a new phone can be an exciting thing but the process of transferring all the valuable content into a new phone is not so exciting.”

“In case of software problems, resetting your device may result in data loss.”

“Have you accidentally deleted important files, or is your phone returning confusing error messages?”

Phone Repair” offers expert data transfer, recovery and backup services for cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

For many years, Phone Repair has been one of the most trusted data recovery providers in the industry. It can actually be quite a headache, especially if you are transferring across brands.

Data Recovery for Mobile Phone and Tablets:

*          Apple iPhone1 to iPhone5.. data recovery

*          Apple iPad, iPad2..

*          Android based Smartphone’s data recovery.

*          Android based Tablets data recovery.

*          Nokia Symbiosis based mobiles and Smartphone.

*          Blackberry Devices.

*          PDA’s.

With our mobile device, cell phone and iphone data recovery services, you can get out of that tight spot when information has been lost from an accident or software issue.

We can transfer all the data – images, videos, music files, text messages, contacts, calendar items, you name it – we do it.

We offer the fastest cell phone data recovery services available anywhere, and with our dedicated laboratories and knowledge of various cell phone operating systems and file types, Phone Repair is your best cell phone data recovery option.

Our advantages:

  • Convenient, safe and secure transfer of personal data to a new phone
  • Reduced customer wait times with lightning fast content transfer
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Immediate productivity on new phones
  • Elimination of barriers to upgrading phones or switching networks
  • Opportunities for add-on revenue from backup services and storage media
  • Consistent, high quality purchase experiences in-store and online

Our company has created many useful tools and exceptional expertise in the field of mobile device repair and servicing.

If your phone is damaged, we can recover deleted text messages, photos, videos, phone call history and more from your mobile phone, regardless of where they were stored.

Our skilled technicians are very capable of recovering any and all information and data from the Internal memory of Smartphone’s, Android, Tablets, Mobile Portable devices.

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