Candidate Resources

Candidate ResourcesWelcome to “Recruitment”’s Candidate Resource Centre. Our specialty is in finding the perfect candidate for any position you offer.

We’ve put together a range of resources to help you secure a permanent placement We do extensive research for the highest quality candidates to meet or exceed the needs of our clients – as well as assisting job hunters in locating the best company to fit their skill levels. We have years of experience in dealing with candidate recruitment process and will help the companies to minimize their recruitment time.

Below are the some of the Candidate Resources.

* Temporary

* Permanent

* Downloads

* Candidate Workshops

We had We have the extensive knowledge necessary to aid you in locating the perfect candidate to fill positions from senior Executive level  to junior data entry roles and everything in between.

We will guide the candidates in securing a corresponding job related to their qualification and experience. We will help them in the following ways:

* CV Writing

* Examples of interview questions

* Interview Tips

* Key interview success points

* Interview wrap

* Preparation on the day of interview

* Preparation on the day of interview

Each of our clients is treated as an individual and everyone’s needs are considered.

From the moment we meet, we are concerned with the details of your specific requirements and our staff works with you to learn how to best assist you in filling the position available. Whether you require long term, short term, permanent or special contract worker, “Recruitment” we have the perfect person to fit your needs.

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