Alteration Services

Alteration ServicesTailor services” provides customers and clients with a swift alteration service with an emphasis on quality finishing.

We specialize in high-end alterations done at your convenience. All alterations are guaranteed accurate with a prompt turnaround time.

With many years of experience, “Tailor services” provides you with the expertise, quality, reliability and services you deserve.

Our services include:

*          Gowns for Brides and Bridesmaids

*          Tuxedos/Suits

*          St. Johns/Beaded and Knitted Clothing

*          Dresses/Casual Clothing

*          Orthodox Jewish Clothing/Kids Clothing

*          Uniforms/Household Linens

Our expert tailors and seamstresses offer personalized alterations to fine garments. From minor mending to substantial restyling, Crest Quality will provide a personalized custom fit.

Our staff of Tailors and Seamstresses have the knowledge and experience to professionally and carefully alter any of your garments. They are specifically trained to provide the best service there is.

You can count on our years of experience for all of your custom tailoring and alteration needs. We work on designer brands as well as on off the rack every day styles. All services are completed on site; we are the place that other dry cleaners and alterations companies use when they need help.

Tailor services” is the perfect place to bring your broken zipper, the hem that has come loose, or those buttons on your favorite leather coat that needs to be sewn back on with a professional touch.

Jeans that need hemming often cause your teen to behave like a monster, but the perfect measuring of the hems will make your kid look good among his or her friends.

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