Timeshare Broker Services

Time Share Broker ServicesAt “Timeshare Broker“, we understand that there are many financial and legal aspects to consider when buying or selling a timeshare. We’re a full service timeshare advertising company that provides aggressive marketing for buying, selling or renting a timeshare resort property.

Ownership of vacation property is an investment. Whether you are buying or selling a timeshare property, it’s important to work with timeshare brokers who have exceptional experience and a high caliber reputation to match.

Timeshare Broker works with a team of licensed real estate agents and timeshare brokers who have decades of experience in the vacation ownership market.

Our Timeshare Broker services include:

* Buyer Services

* Seller Services

* Renter Services

* Timeshares listings

* Timeshare resales

Our agents have experience with successfully marketing properties, timeshare buying and selling and the legal knowledge necessary for assisting you with the purchase of a timeshare interest or the successful sale of your timeshare investment. We provide personalized service to both sides—buyers and sellers—we are able to create successful timeshare sales transactions, and more importantly, happy clients.

Our expertise with online marketing and promotion of timeshare property sales allows us to offer a wide selection of properly priced timeshares and other vacation properties to buyers.We pay special attention to driving a large audience of buyers to properties that are on the market and we bring excellent exposure for timeshare owners who are here to sell.

Of the numerous benefits of working with a licensed timeshare broker, an important one is that you are safeguarded against possible fraud.

In-depth Licensed Time Share Brokerage Services Include:

  • Performing a Comparative Market Analysis or Broker’s Price Opinion
  • Listing Your Property on the Resale Market
  • Presenting Offers and Negotiate a Sale
  • Creating Purchase and Sale Contracts

We never charge an up-front fee to sell your timeshare. Our commission based listing agreement assures you we get paid when your timeshare is sold, just like a typical real estate transaction.

We give special attention to the premium branded timeshare resorts. If you are ready to sell your timeshare property, our competent staff of resale agents will be happy to give you the necessary information to get you started and make certain that you set the appropriate sale price. Our connections in the industry with other timeshare brokers open the possibility of finding buyers in every part of the country. If you are interested in our services and want to learn more, feel free to contact us by calling us, at (561) 123-1234