Window Framing

11_Window FramingHas the window frame, casing, or trim cracked?

As a frame and trim contractor we have experience repairing window frames, door frames, window trim, door trim and even installing new doors. Window frames support panes of glass to protect your home from wind, water and other elements that might damage your home.

 We do Installation, Repair or Replacement of window frames.

When a sash, frame or other portion of a wood window rots or shrinks, it affects your window’s ability to efficiently protect your home. Proper frame and sash window repair are an important part of regular home maintenance that Windows offers.

Our aim is always to repair, rather than replace. In cases where a window or door frame is beyond repair, we attempt to replace the customer’s damaged framework on a like-for-like basis or source the nearest equivalent –PVC windows, wood or aluminum.

 The majority of our replacement window frames are manufactured using our in-house facilities, giving us greater flexibility and total control.

When small parts or particular components of your window frame are damaged, we are always available and ready to repair them for you. Regardless of the material that your frame is made of, we can fix it for you.

 Windows” brings you more full-frame replacement window solutions that go well beyond standard sizing.

Window frames are the major structural component outside of the glass pane itself. When the window sash, window frame, or any other part of the window starts to get compromised, the overall performance of the window can suffer.

In some cases we can save money for our customer by just replacing the broken component and extending the life of the window. In other cases, we may notice that, while a fix may be applied, replacing the window may be the better choice. Either way, we are here to help.

 Some of the most common requests come because wood-framed windows have either cracked or rotted from exterior conditions. We have a great track-record of making sure that the repair is successful. We make certain that your  window will perform to the level that you expect.

Full frame replacement windows are the best option for you if one of these statements apply: 

  • The window is out of square.
  • There is rot in the window frame.
  • Planned to change the size/shape of window.

We provide re-coating services that enhances the old window frames, adding value to your home without going through the expense of window replacement and damage to your walls. You can revive your old window frames and make them look like new.

Our specialists are fully licensed and experienced with all manner of window frames and we’re happy to install new window frames, too, along with new styles of energy-efficient windows as they come on the market. 

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