Aquarium Store

Aquarium Store“AQUARIUM” – the replica of marine life.

Aquarium Store” is your Premium Aquarium store and Aquarium Service Company.

We have a selection of marine fish, pond fish, live plants, pumps, lighting and more. This business also has custom aquariums and provides tank maintenance service.

We bring our extensive experience with feeding and caring for our fish and invertebrates.  They receive a specialized diet that we’ve developed over the years.

Our services related to:

*          Fishes

*          Corals

*          Dry Goods

*          Fish Tanks

*          Aquarium Supplies

*          Filtration Services

*          LED Lighting Systems

*          Maintenance Services

We are knowledgeable and experienced in the preservation of aquatic animals in your home or office. We carry and extensive line of saltwater aquariums full of quality marine fish, invertebrates and live corals for you to use in creating the live works of art for your home or office.  Our specialty is creating custom aquariums, exotic saltwater fish, live corals, ora frags and captive bred marine life. You will also find a full line of aquarium products and supplies for all your aquarium needs.

Visit our fully equipped showroom, with our custom exhibits that include both saltwater and freshwater. There is a multitude of various habits on display that consist of live reefs, fabricated corals and a variety of unique themed environments.

Enjoy the  modern lighting design and expert filtration systems that may also be seen amongst the exotic fish from our quarantine facility. You will also see the beautiful millwork created in our cabinetry division.

Our aquatic experts can provide training, as well as, diagnose and treat for problem areas and health problems. Furthermore, our experts are skilled in the breakdown and set-up of all aquariums should a move be necessary.

We offer custom service tailored to each person that walks in the door. Being that we are aquarium lovers as well we know how important it is to educate, guide and help you make great decisions in your aqua-centric pursuits.

With an impressive and thoughtful layout, high clarity custom aquariums and exquisitely presented products that people actually use and buy, “Aquarium Store” is the kind of store that you don’t just want to support, you’ll also just want to come visit its gallery-esque presentation.

Whether you are having a problem with your aquarium or interested in an aquarium maintenance program, contact us at (561) 123-1234.