CoralsLive coral is probably the most vital aspect of your tank’s ecosystem. They are the foundation of the reef system. The thing that typically draws people to setting up and maintaining a reef tank is usually the beautiful combinations of colors and various species. “Aquarium Store” produces the best, most diverse and healthy corals in the aquarium industry.

Types of corals we offer are:

  • Soft corals
  • Hard or Stony corals
  • Mushroom corals
  • Corallimorphs
  • Zoanthids
  • Leather Corals

We do our utmost to aid in the preservation of the natural coral and reefs around the world through extensive creations of realistic looking artificial corals and reefs. You will be sure to find the most extensive selection of aquacultured corals, coral frags and all kinds of hard and soft corals.

We employ a proprietary blend of materials for our artisans to craft very realistic forms and textures to offer safe and useful habitats for your sea life. The size and diversity of this living Coral Reef provides a unique view of natural aquatic behaviors, as different types of fish play their natural role in the complete, self-sustaining reef ecosystem.

Our expert coral hatchery staff are exceedingly aware of any and all issues with coral health. We employ advanced quality control methods that are used at ORA to make certain that we only sell speciments that are parasite free. At each step of the sales process, we use strict controls over our product and ensure that only the best corals are selected for shipment.  Each coral is properly identified as it is packaged in order to make it easier for the beginner aquarist.

Aquarium Store” takes great pride in our offering of healthy, thriving, immense selections of saltwater coral at a most affordable price. Regardless of the type of coral you seek, either high light corals such as chalices or low light corals like orange sun coral, you will find that our in house selection of different types of corals is most impressive.

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