Cabinet Refinishing

image-5_Cabinet RefinishingIs your kitchen outdated?

Refinishing kitchen cabinets is the best way to revive aged, solid cabinets, while updating the look and feel of your kitchen.

Style is everything these days! Kitchen cabinet refinishing takes the expertise and attention to detail that Complete Painting Services is known for.

We will refinish cabinets to compliment the style of your existing kitchen, or create that brand new look you deserve.

 You can give a new look to your bathroom or kitchen with freshly painted cabinets, all for a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

We offer quality and affordable cabinet painting so that you can make your kitchen or bath up to date and get the kitchen makeover that you deserve!

 Our skilled cabinet painters will sand and strip the cabinets, repair any cracks or dents, complete the proper prep work and then apply top quality stain or paint.

The result is a beautifully finished cabinet that will exceed your expectations and fit your budget. We will give new life to your old cabinets!

 Kitchen cabinets are often structurally sound but require a face lift after years of use. The kitchen is where the most activity takes place in a home and, of course, it’s where the most wear and tear occurs of its surfaces.

 Replacing or refacing your kitchen cabinets can be quite an expensive project. Refinishing, by comparison, is a much more economical solution, and the return on the investment is quite satisfying.

 We have been refinishing cabinets for about 10 years without a recall and without a dissatisfied customer. Along with wood tone stain and refinishing; we also paint, glaze and make minor alterations if necessary.

 Our work includes:

 • Removing previous finish

•  Re-staining Cabinets

•  Protective coat refinish

•  Repainting Cabinets

•  Changing Visible Hardware

•  Repairing Hidden Hardware

•  Electrostatic Painting

 Our experts use environmentally friendly water borne finishes which are resistant to water, chemical and common kitchen spills, as well as very flexible and will not crack chip or peel.

 The finish is applied by using a high volume, low pressure spray system that allows for more material adhering to the cabinets and less over spray.

By using such products we avoid the exposure to toxic solvent particles in the air, which is certainly better for us, our children and our pets.

 It is our goal to make your old cabinets look new without the need to spend a small fortune or get a second mortgage. The money you save with refinishing can buy a new counter top or floor, and give you that new kitchen look without paying for a new kitchen.

The  advantages of using our cabinet refinishing are:

 1.  Green – Environment friendly

2.   Inexpensive

3.   Saves You Time & Energy

 Our expertise in cabinet refinishing ensures that your new look will last for the life of your home and our refinishing work is backed by our guarantee.

 When your home is in need of a new custom Passaic cabinet, don’t forget to call us at (561) 123-1234. Our experts will design the best cabinet for your specific needs and uses.