Diet And Food Analysis

Diet and Food AnalysisNutrition is a key element of good health.

Why diet and food analysis is necessary?

The analysis allows the Dietitian to pinpoint any nutritional deficiencies you may have and highlight specific areas that may need to be improved on.

 “Dietitian has dietitians, who can analyze your diet for a typical day to ensure that you are having a complete meal. Our dietitians with vast experience in diet and food analysis can recommend a suitable diet for you.

We can analyze your diet for:

  • A suitable energy intake
  • All your required vitamins and minerals
  • The right types of fats
  • A healthy proportion of protein, fat and carbohydrate
  • An option for long-term nutritional support

Some of the diet recommendations we make include: low calorie, carbohydrate controlled, high protein, low protein, low fat, ketogenic meal plans, low cholesterol, low sodium, high fiber, gluten free, lactose free  and peanut allergies.

The Daily Nutrient Intake Report we provide will outline the nutrients you need and how quantity of each, you should consume on a daily basis. Calories, protein, carbohydrate, fat, saturated fat, polyunsaturated fat, monounsaturated fat, dietary fiber and all vitamins and minerals are analyzed.

Your Daily Nutrient Intake versus Daily Recommended Intake Report will let you know whether you are meeting your recommended nutrient intake for calories, protein, carbohydrate, fat, fiber and all vitamins and minerals.

The nutrients you consume daily are compared to the recommendations we make for you to maintain your weight, weight loss or weight gain, depending on your specific goals. Based on the results we find, we will provide strategies for your diet to help you to improve your nutritional intake and aid you in reaching your daily goals.

We will provide you with a personal, practical, professional and affordable eating plan.

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