Individual Wellness

Indvidual WellnessOur Wellness coaches offer confidential consultations with the goal of helping the individual to meet their goals for personal wellness.

Wellness coaching incorporates effective behavioral psychology principles to aid our clients in developing the necessary mindset to make the appropriate changes in their lifestyle.

 “Dietitian is offering Individual wellness coaching.

We also offer other services like:

* Dietitian Services

* Nutritionist Services or Counseling

* Dietary Counseling

* Diet and Food Analysis

* Immunity and Injury Rehab

* Eating Disorders

* Sports Nutrition

* Corporate Wellness

* Weight Loss

The individual sessions we offer are delivered by our highly skilled and specially trained Registered Dietitians. If you have specific health issues that require attention or your goal is to get into great shape, both physically and nutritionally, you will find what you need here. You will have an individual nutrition counseling assessment and, will meet one on one with our registered dietitian. Once your medical and nutritional history is completed, it will be reviewed with our registered dietitian who will create your personal nutrition care plan.

Coaching sessions consist of:

* Completing a well-being assessment

* Creating a vision for future wellness

* Designing weekly and monthly wellness and behavioral goals

* Reflecting on goal experiences, and exploring support.

All sessions are personalized to meet the wellness needs of the individual.

Our Dietitians are well trained to evaluate your eating habits, including where, when and what you consume. Armed with this information, they will create a meal plan specifically to meet your nutritional needs and  also to help you make the necessary lifestyle changes.

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