Child Relocation

image-52_Child RelocationDo you share custody of your child(ren), and one of you wants to move out of state and take the child(ren)?

Relocation is often complex and an emotionally draining situation, especially when custody of a child is involved. If you or a co-parent is considering relocating, navigating the laws surrounding child custody and child support can be difficult.

In case your son or daughter is included in a custody order and you would like to transfer out from the region or state with them, you’ll need acceptance from your family court. In case your son or daughter’s other parent is looking to transfer, perhaps you are eligible to challenge the move away in tribunal.

In this tough economic market, a job is among the major factors parents might need to relocate. Perhaps you’ve found a job elsewhere. Perhaps your present company desires to move you out of state. Or perhaps your present partner must transfer to get work.

Our lawyers will attentively help you with your particular scenario, direct you in getting through the procedure and make appropriate suggestions for you in any required courtroom proceeding.

Naturally, one parent’s reasons for moving should be balanced with another parent’s need and desire to be able to be with their kids. Should you be concerned about your former partner’s wish to relocate, we are able to give you advice on your rights and assist you in pursuing favorable results.

The needs of the child are paramount in this instance. And the needs of the child range from the right to have significant contact with both parents and to get the best upbringing that both parents supply.

If a primary residential parent does not comply with all the legal demands, that party may be held in contempt of court and may be ordered to promptly return the child(ren) to the authority.

There’ll generally be several considerations and essential that required processes and requirements are adopted so as to not endanger your rights or the wellbeing of your son or daughter.

As family law experts, we possess the expertise as well as information you need to tackle all custody issues.

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