Divorce Services

image-4_Divorce ServicesHave you been seeking a simple easy divorce or fighting, using many issues including custody, support, equitable distribution and debt?

Our team of family law specialists can help you navigate complex divorce law. Our attorneys work tirelessly to achieve an equitable settlement agreement and, when necessary, vigorously argue your case in court.

We realize that divorce is one of the hardest matters our clients and their children may ever experience. We help our clients deal with the emotions of defeat and vulnerability by preparing them for the breakup procedure.

Before you and your partner separate, you’ll need to solve a few problems, through dialogue, arbitration or judicial proceedings.

We will assist you to protect your rights and interests in the solution of the following key issues:

  • Alimony
  • Property division
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Paternity

Whether your breakup scenario demands aggressive representation or a more unified strategy, we’ll assist you to work out everything as fast as possible. If your case is a simple one, we might be able to expedite your divorce in a matter of weeks

Ideally, divorcing couples can resolve disputed issues amicably and reach a settlement agreement that requires little more than a judge’s signature. Even if you are among those fortunate few, an attorney specializing in family law, can review your agreement and protect your interests during an emotionally challenging time.

Our lawyers are committed to getting to know our clients and providing them the personal service and legal counsel they deserve. For a free consultation, please call our priority line at (561) 123-1234