DetoxificationDetox means to assist in removing the toxins (poisons) from a body. Going through drug detoxification can be one of the most challenging steps towards quitting a substance.

Drug Rehab” is the most effective drug and alcohol Detox center.

We provide the best, most affordable and effective treatment possible for all who need our care.

* Inpatient medical detoxification

* Residential drug rehabilitation

* Outpatient rehabilitation

* Subsequent drug and alcohol addiction treatment

The most important first step to recovery is detoxification from the substance.  Our counselors will guide you  through our  world class treatment program and facility, should medical treatment or detoxification be appropriate or necessary.

Our Detoxification program can produce the following results:

  • Reduction of Drug and Alcohol Cravings
  • Ability to think more clearly
  • Increased sense of well being
  • Increased energy
  • Improved memory and attention span
  • Enthusiasm toward Life
  • Reduction of many symptoms associated with Drug Addiction and Alcoholism

At Drug Rehab, we are willing to do whatever it takes to help every patient regain their life. In many cases, this calls for detoxification. Once this treatment process is complete, the patient can move forward with the rest of their program.

Anyone dealing with drug addiction or alcoholism deserves a life of sobriety and it’s our goal to assist our patients in reclaiming their life.

. Our rehab facilities couple the modern medical treatments with traditional Eastern healing.

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