Long Term Rehabilitation

Long Term RehabilitationLong term care residents at “Drug Rehab” are provided with 24 hour nursing care and supervision where they are assisted with daily living tasks and provided with nourishing meals and snacks and emotional and spiritual support. At Drug Rehab our goal is to minimize the limitations of chronic illnesses and build up the successes that our patients experience with living sober Along with Long term care, we also offer:

* Drug Rehabilitation

* Psycho therapeutic treatment

* Psychological dependency

* Residential Inpatient

* Outpatient Treatment

* Extended care

* Alcohol addiction or abuse

* Drug addiction or abuse

* Detoxification

The goal of the long term care program is dealing with all of the challenges connected to the addiction Рfrom detox  to complete psychological and physiological assessments, to reintegration into mainstream society.

We are dedicated to assisting our patients in meeting their recovery goals by providing safe and comfortable housing that allows them to live independently, as well as needed medical therapy for those aged patients who also require sophisticated medical and nursing treatments. Our Long term treatment facilities provide the following:

  • Full participation in the recovery process by the staff of the facility
  • 24-hour care and behavior monitoring
  • Access to multiple treatment methodologies
  • Programs that are tailored to individual needs and issues

Our goal for long term residents is to improve their quality of life, helping them to remain as independent as possible and restoring connections with their friends, family and community.

Our expertly designed treatment programs aid our patients in recognizing and adjusting long term beliefs about addiction and the consequences.  New behaviors Рthat support a sober lifestyle Рare encouraged.

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