Out Patient Treatment

Outpatient TreatmentWhat Is an Outpatient Program?

Patients who are participating in our outpatient program, will continue to live at home and attend sessions during the day.

  Typically, outpatient rehabilitation programs are less expensive than residential and inpatient treatment and, are generally best suited to anyone who is not able to be absent from work or other obligations for extended periods of time. Drug Rehab‘s” Outpatient Program for Alcohol and Drugs is designed for individuals where personal and work obligations make it difficult to take an extended period off to engage in treatment.

 Your personal needs and the severity of your dependency will determine the most appropriate rehabilitation treatment:

  • Intensive outpatient
  • Partial hospitalization
  • Therapy and counseling

It is our intent to guide our patients through recovery, in the comfort of their own home or that of a friend or relative.

Therapy sessions may be private or, include friends or family – whichever is the most appropriate for recovery.

Our dedicated and highly skilled clinicians and addiction specialists aid our patients in their journey of recovery.  We teach a wide range of recovery and sober living skills in our extensive outpatient program, including:

  • Accepting and acting on feedback
  • Coping with alcohol and drug cravings
  • Practicing effective communication
  • Identifying triggers and learning healthy ways to deal with them
  • Finding healthy ways to reduce stress
  • Improving decision making abilities
  • Creating healthy relationships

There are a number of advantages of outpatient treatment programs.  The most prominent one being the reduced cost of the outpatient program.

 For patients who must continue to work and maintain their families during treatment, outpatient programs are minimally invasive.

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