Psychotherapeutic Treatment

Pyschotherapeutic TreatmentDrug rehabilitation  is the process of medical or psychotherapeutic treatment, for dependency on hallucinogenic substances like alcohol, pharmaceuticals and street drugs such as cocaine, hard drugs or amphetamines.

Drug Rehab” is well experienced in providing Psychotherapeutic treatment. We have years of experience in dealing substance abuse cases.

Along with Psychotherapeutic treatment, we also provide:

* Drug Rehabilitation

* Psychological dependency

* Residential Inpatient

* Outpatient Treatment

* Extended care and long term rehabilitation

* Alcohol addiction or abuse

* Drug addiction or abuse

* Behavioral disorders

* Detoxification

Our treatment includes medication for depression or alternative disorders, counseling by consultants and sharing of expertise with alternative addicts.

Psychological dependency is self addressed in several drug rehabilitation programs by trying to show the patient new strategies of interacting in an exceedingly sober atmosphere.

 Patients are encouraged to attend and participate in twelve step programs in order to learn sober living and help in deterring the return to a life of addiction.We offer support for all stages of your addiction. Our service for drug rehab includes Intensive Outpatient Programs as well as Outpatient Detox. We can provide the individualized care that our patients expect out of their drug rehab.

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