Home Insurance Terms

home-insurance-termsWhat you need to know before you get a home insurance quote are terms and conditions.

Home Insurance provides Home Insurance quotes on behalf of its Home Insurance providers on certain terms and conditions.

When we reach an agreement on the policy, terms and conditions, we will begin processing your Home Insurance quote.

Please note that exclusions and limitations apply and so that you can choose the level of cover suitable for your needs, please read the Policy Summary, Policy Booklets and Key Facts About Our Insurance Services document.

These are also available when you apply. Approval solely on the discretion of the Insurance Provider.

A quotation is not a binding contract.  It is an indication of what the premium is likely to be and is predicated on the data that was provided by you.

Once you are ready to go ahead with the policy, you will need to confirm all of the data that we have for the property in question.  Failure to divulge all pertinent info or providing inaccurate data will nullify the policy.

If any information regards other people, it’s vital that that information is completely accurate and that you’ve received permission to divulge their information.

When the payment has been made, it is treated as your “proposal of insurance”.  You are insured when you get a confirmation from our company that the payment has been accepted and the proposal is agreed upon.

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