Home Owners Insurance

home-owners-insuranceYour home is one of the largest investments, so it’s important that it is properly insured. Should your home or its contents sustain any damage, it’s important that your home is properly insured.

A Homeowner’s policy is a package deal that covers the damages to your property as well as your legal obligations if any visitor to your property is injured or damaged in any way.  The coverage also includes damages your family pet may cause.

At Home Insurance, we offer protection for your home and your financial future with affordable coverage that is right for you—without compromise on quality.

We know that your family and your home are priceless to you and having to think about homeowner’s insurance is not at the top of your mind – until and unless something goes wrong and you need the coverage.  At that time, you want to be certain that you have the best coverage possible.

Our policy options offer the best possible protection for your home and family and all of your belongings.  The homeowner’s policy is created for protection for your home and any other buildings on your property.

Our Products & Services

  • Renter’s Policy
  • Homeowner’s Policy
  • Condominium Policy
  • Other Structures Coverage
  • Dwelling Coverage
  • Dwelling Fire Policy
  • Personal Liability Coverage
  • Personal Property Coverage

The homeowner’s insurance policies that we carry cover your personal belongings at actual cash value.

Our agent will explain your coverage options in a way that’s easy to understand and help you secure the right protection at the right price – protection that includes your home, personal property and liability coverage.

You can be protected against many types of accidental loss, including, but not limited to:

  • Theft
  • Water
  • Vandalism
  • Fire or smoke
  • Windstorm or hail

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