16_DiamondsDiamond is brilliant and scintillating. It’s one of nature’s most perfect creations, and is one of your favorite adornments.

Selecting a diamond is a personal process. The right stone will speak to you and evoke the deepest of emotions. We “Jewelry Store ” are truly passionate about diamonds and are more than happy to help you select the diamond of your dreams.We understand how each stage of the process determines the final quality of the diamond, as well as its value.

Our professional in-house cutter maximizes the beauty and value of each stone by polishing it with precise accuracy and great skill.Our diamond buyers are travelling throughout the world to buy the finest diamonds at the best prices possible. We can offer our customers these diamonds at below retail prices.

We have a highly trained & knowledgeable staff that is ready to assist our customers on a personal level.We offer guidance to our customers on how to purchase diamond, to have the knowledge and confidence in selecting the right diamond or fine jewelry for themselves and their loved ones.What sets “Jewelry Store ” apart from other jewelers is its ability to offer a “Wholesale Pricing System to the Public,” that is second to none. They pride themselves in being a retail store with wholesale prices.

With an in-store inventory of hundreds of GIA Certified Diamonds and the ability to access thousands more through their Diamond Dealers’ Club network, coupled with a specially-trained staff, we provide top of the line diamonds.

We welcome

“Not only do we sell diamonds, we also buy diamonds”. Whether it’s Diamonds, Sapphires or just some strange piece of jewelry that was left to you by your grandmother… WE PAY HIGH PRICES.”Jewelry Store “, trust the industry experts for over a decade. Our Certified Diamond Store has provided its clientele with the highest quality, service, and craftsmanship in every aspect of diamonds and fine jewelry.

Whether you’re shopping for a diamond engagement ring or looking to upgrade to a larger stone, let our expert gemologists guide you.

We promise to treat our clients in the fairest possible way. We know that our offer is going to be good, so we encourage our clients to go and seek offers from anywhere they wish and then come to us. We will do our best to provide the best prices.