Oil Filter Services

Oil Filter ServicesIs your car ready for an oil and filter change?  Not sure when it was last performed?

One of the best services to do for the preventative maintenance for your car is regular oil and filter changes.

Oil lubricates all of the working parts of the engine and reduces friction between these parts. When it’s helps to keep the engine cool while it circulates throughout the engine.

The oil absorbs contaminants while the engine is running and moves them to the filter, where they are trapped.  This permits the clean oil to flow freely throughout the engine. The oil and filter do a fine job of keeping the engine performing optimally.

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When an oil change is performed, the dirty oil will be removed and replaced with new, clean oil and a new, clean filter. At the same time, the chassis components will be lubricated to the manufacturers standards.

When the lube, oil and filter change is complete, you will be certain that the oil in your engine is clean, everything is properly lubricated and in perfect working order.

Whatever questions you may have regarding the correct oil or filters to use, our expert technicians are happy to help you. They will answer your questions about types and grades of oil, what’s the difference between synthetic, semi synthetic, and conventional oil, we are happy to share our knowledge.

We will inspect the micron rating of various filters to ensure that we use the most appropriate oil filter. Call us or come in when you are ready for service to your car.

When your vehicle comes in for service, the oil filter will be inspected and replaced as necessary to keep your oil clean and your engine running properly.

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