Carpet Repairs

12_Carpet Repairs

When carpeting begins to wear and has waves, holes, bulges, or tears, we may be able to repair it by stretching it.

Carpet Layer offers full carpet repair services.

Carpeting that has irregular coloring or chemical damages, we may be able to restore the original color.  When a smaller area is treated by our color restoration expert, it’s usually difficult to impossible to detect.

We can perform the following services to restore the carpet:

  • Patching
  • Reseaming
  • Spot dyeing
  • Threshold repair
  • Power stretching
  • Metal carpet trim replacement/repair

Our highly trained and experienced professionals will take you through several easy steps to get your carpet looking new again. They will:

  • Assess the damage to your carpet
  • Make recommendations for repair
  • Decide with you the best carpet repair remedy
  • Repair your carpet then and there, bringing it back to life again

Carpet repair and carpet stretching are two different repairs we can perform for you.  Each technique is appropriate for different situations.

  • Repair: Whenever there are flaws in the carpeting, such as holes, tears, obvious seams, etc, repairing is the obvious choice. As soon as the repair is completed, the carpeting should appear as new.
  • Stretching: Over time, carpeting may become wrinkled, wavy, or develop large, bulges. Simply restretching  the carpet will most frequently remove the problems and return your carpet to its beautiful appearance.  One of our professionally trained technicians will go over all your options and give you a free estimate. Once you know what you are looking at our technician will work to ensure your carpets get resorted to like-new while saving you time and money in the process.

For a free estimate on your carpet repair and stretching needs, please call us at (561) 123-1234